Hot Oiling

HighFire Energy Services provides hot oiling services throughout Alberta including Red Earth Creek, Fox Creek, Grande Prairie and Edmonton.


Truck Mounted Fluid Heaters & Pumps.

  • 5 MM BTU / HR
  • Self contained including hoses, tanks, tooling and operators.
  • Can be rapidly deployed.
  • Pump pressures up to 5000 PSIG and 1 M3 / Min
  • Typical applications include hydrotesting, dewaxing, wellbore cleaning, chemical cleaning.

    Unit Number


    Horsepower & Pressure


    Kenworth Hot Oiler

    5.5 MM BTU / HR
    Max Temp 100 deg C
    Max Flow 2” (1 m3 / min)
    Max Flow HP (300 Liter / Min)
    Tank Capacity (6 M3)
    Fuel Capacity (2200 Liters)