Highfire Energy Services

Strategic Steam and Process Solutions

about us

At HighFire energy services, it’s been our mission to rapidly apply strategic solutions to remediate and resolve process disturbances throughout industry.

Our Team

At HighFire we promote honesty, integrity and transparency in all we do. Our solutions are clear and our project execution is tactical.

Core Services

  • Boiler Rentals
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Fluid Heating
  • Hot Oiling

Boiler Rentals

HighFire Energy Services provides steam and heating rental solutions for all industries. Our mobile and skid boilers produce dry steam, and come with all the hoses, heaters and tarps to ensure successful job outcome.

Industrial cleaning

HighFire Energy Services has successfully cleaned tanks and vessels through out Alberta including large diameter crude oil tanks, condensate bullets, rail cars, dehydration towers and wastewater tanks.

Fluid Heating

HighFire Energy Services provides high volume, high efficiency heating solutions for industrial and commercial operations. From 5M BTU Hot oiling units units to 40M BTU trailer mounted superheater skids.

Hot Oiling

HighFire Energy Services provides hot oiling services throughout Alberta including Red Earth Creek, Fox Creek, Grande Prairie and Edmonton.


HighFire Energy Services is committed to the safety of its staff, equipment, the environment, and the public. Our goal is to maintain our business safely, and to continually improve the Health and Safety performance of this company. We support our safety program and believe that teamwork is essential to an injury and accident free workplace.

Our Health and Safety Program has been developed to support the commitment to safety and meet or exceed legislative requirements and accepted industry standards.